(Retired Old Men Eating Out)
Greater Phoenix, Arizona Area


We sadly mourn the passing of our dear friend
Rod O'Connor
Memorial service will be held on Monday, March 4, at 9:45 a.m. at
St. Theresa's Parish, 5045 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix, AZ, 85018.

ROMEO meets every Thursday for lunch at 11:00am.
Next Meeting Thursday, March 07

K O'Donnell's Sports Bar & Grill map
14850 N Northsight Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Just south of Butherus, north of AutoZone, on west side of Northsight)

We Remember....
John Welty (1922-1994)
  George Andrews (1922-1995)
    Bill Posey (1923-2001)
      Chris Goodman(1921-2005)
        George Weiler (1926-2005)
          Tom Freyer (1932-2006)
            Jack Beedle (1933-2006)
              Ed Pavlik (1934-2006)
Bob Gibler (1936-2006)
  Jerry Stewart (1937-2007)
    Hal Onsager (1925-2007)
      Fred Brown (1938-2007)
        Bill Brady (1932-2008)
          Gene Bourque (1925-2008)
            Hal Mumma (1927-2009)
              Rick Carson (1941-2009)
John Dunleavy (1933-2010)
  George Tallent (1927-2010)
    Ralph Greenburg (1926-2010)
      Ted Jaros (1932-2011)
        Leo Lehner (1929-2011)
          Glen Schafer ( -2011)
            Jack Saddler(1918-2015)
              Tom Connors (1929-2015)
Chuck MacGillivray (-2015)
  Joe Gentile (1925-2016)
    John Dempsey (1924-2017)
      John Babcock (1936-2021)
        Gus Hermann (     - 2022)
          Don McDougal (1933-2022)
            Don Smith (1927-2022)
              Rod O'Connor (1933-2024


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Alberkrack, Jade
Ackerman, Herb
Altobello, Len
Barlow, Bill
Bishop, Ron
Brown, Bob
Damm, Roger
Doskocil, Ray
Economopoulos, Pete
Ekiss, John
Elzey, Ken
Foster, Jack
Gerrish, Curt
Haenichen, Jack
Held, Gordon
Johnson, Dale
Kleban, Stan
King, Dan
Lebkuecher, Gus
LeMair, Ian
Loftus, Jim
Lupfer, Don
Madland, Glen
Marz, Rick
Nord, Jim
O'Connor, Rod
Ort, Jim
Peterson, Cliff
Reichbach, Joe
Richards, Dick
Scott, Keith
Stevens, Jim
Stroup, Bill
Suckle, Len
Takesuye, Jack
White, Paul
Wick, Jim
Wolf, Ken
Zinder, Dave